During the two-week period I tried to take as many photos as possible. I am not saying however that I always managed to do that. Sometimes I had no time or was not in the right mood. At first I tried to document everything. As time passed I started to think deeper about photography and I was not of so much importance of what I took photos, but in what way I took them. I started to seek interesting views, moments and objects themselves. I started to think about the composition of photographs etc.

I did not manage to connect my photos with the topic „How I am becoming a teacher“. I am certain that my commentary and my story will be necessary for the audience.

I have to admit that I would like to have the topic a bit narrower, or to limit it to one simple topic so that I could think more purposefully about how to search for the objects of my photography. When I look at my set of photos, I feel that they are so diverse that I am not sure whether the audience will experience what I wanded them to.

Ideas for topics:

  • Enviroment – city, buildings of the faculty – how do they form us?
  • Atmosphere at lectures – how do we feel? Personal emotions
  • The life of a university student
  • Enviroment of elementary schools in Prague – how do Czech pupils study?
  • Documentation of our experiences
  • It is difficult to never take your mind off of taking photos
  • I feel that almost none of my photographies match the topic given. I feel that I am not doing anythng to help me become a teacher
  • I notice my surroundings more and look for snapshots
  • At first I focused on more complex views, now I focus mainly on the details
  • I try to capture the symbolism more than when I started
  • I try to capture my hobbies and my free-time activities. I think they express more about me
  • I do not arrange the photographies. Most of my photographies are completely spontaneous
  • To ilustrathe the school enviroment, I take photos of rooms in which we attend lectures, and snapshots of certain lectures and seminars
  • I am a little afraid to take photos in the public, because someone might think that they are being photographed
  • I try to make my photos in such way that they are understandable to our Americal coleagues
  • I is difficult to choose a direction. I am still deciding what is predominant in my life and what best expresses the topic given

By Tereza Jamburová, Lucie Hradecká