In our project we focused on works of art around Prague and tried to find clues to our future profession choice. We are going to describe why we picked certain photos and our impressions of them.

The first photo of the flag of the Czech Republic was picked because of its great influence on our country.

Saint Wenceslas on Wenceslas squeare – The sculpture is not only a symbol of Czech patrionism, but also a warning to preserve the culture and spirit of our nation. These values are imperative to be passed on to our children to be preserver forever.

Pursuit of happiness – We are constantly pursuing happiness in our studies, however difficult it seems at times.

Babies – Just like the deformed faces of babies, our studies are demotivating and exhausting, even though they should be inspiring and fulfilling. Some things are valued as useless and sometimes we lack the support of our teachers. That is why we are uncertain of ourselves at times. (An official with a briefcase – Slight uncertainty)

Viselec (Sigmund Freud) – This sculpture depicts a man consciously decide whether to live on or to give up.

Sometimes we are all not so sure if our endeavors will be fruitful. Howevwer, there will be moments which confirm our right decisions. That is why we persist, why we are brave and unbreakable. (Monument to the Victims of Communism in Prague on Petřín, Jan Žižka on Vítkov)

Moving head of Franz Kafka.

“Marrying, founding a family, accepting all the children that come, supporting them in this insecure world, and perhaps even guiding them a little, is, I am convinced, the utmost a human being can succeed in doing at all.” (Franz Kafka)
The education of children and their knowledge is the most important thing that fulfills us. We believe that our studies, however difficult, are nearing us to that goal. (Charles bridge)

By Tereza Bernášková, Iveta Špačková

Mind map