The key to our story is having the concept of our topic in advance. At first, we thought up a story, then the photo composition and then did some legwork to actually shoot photos. It was much more fruitful this way, to which we all agreed.

Our theme is “getting to know”. We attemped to reflect extreme isolation and negative emotions into our photos. When we started studying, we did not know each other and felt alone and like we had noone to turn on to, to open up to. Once we got to know each other, everything has changed.

First four photos reflect loneliness, hopelessness and depression. Photos 4, 5, 6 are all about destiny. We wanted to put stress on how important it is to notice the people around. Had Tereza not turned around and David not lifted his head, they would not know each other now. Since noone is paying attention and noone is interested in what is going on around them, it is like we are alone on the bench. After that, the getting-to-know part is grasped by the photo of us shaking hands. The last photo is of our shadows on the bench.

The key moment was the decision whether we would reveal our identities or not. We did not want to do that on the previous photos. In the final phase or the process we had a bit of a conflict regarding this subject. We are still not one hundred percent sure what to do, however we are leaning towards having our identities a secret.

By David Pártl, Tereza Helclová