Preparing for the teaching profession

I would like to divide my preparation for the teaching profession into three parts.

When I started attending school, I had no idea what the deal was about studying at the university, much less at the faculty of pedagogy. Everyday commuting is an insepparable part of studying. I spent most of the time at the faculty where I attended lectures and tutorials, payed attention, made notes based on which I fulfilled my student responsibilities. It started to tire me after a while as I realized that in the school area it is impossible to learn how to study (Photo 1-5).

To have us familiarize with the teaching profession, we were sent to attend lectures and obresve the behavior and studying habits of other students. I felt like a disturbing element in classes and I felt more comfortable in empty classes than in full ones, where both students and teachers seemed abashed because of my presence. Sometimes it was fun, for examble when I attended PE classes and I got to try skating. However, it was nothing that would prepare me for my job as a teacher (Photos 6-7).

The key part of my studies are long specialized practices. Right from the start I found out that it is essential for my job to always be aware of what time it is. Furthermore, we had to learn how to use various mechanical devices. I had very little experience with them, so I was very afraid things would go badly. Finally I got to experience what it was like to prepare for classes, make tests and exercises, which I corrected afterwards. Even the late-night work did not deter me from becoming a teacher. Sometimes it even brightened my mood to see the picture of a Pegassus on the other side of someone’s exercise paper (Photos 8-10)

By Zuzana Kocourková