In our work we focus on the coincidences, prejudices as well as symbols expressing contrasts. There is included a set of emotions and our perception of certain situations.

I was not easy for us to choose approximately 10 photographs with which we will work in the future. During the selection it occurred to us that there appears to be some sort of symbolism in our photos, which is, however subtly, connected with out future occupations. Based on our mind-map there are connecting elements of culture and emotions. That explains our photo compilation and our associations and ideas.

Photos are arranged in couples and we try them to be as well contrasting as connecting.

I will now make a list of the couples and add their story.

Lollipop X Skeleton: Beginning X The End. Association – life. Is school an actual life?

Longhorn beetle X Graffiti: Nature, Traditions, Classics X Technology, Future, City and its aspects.

We are all different and it is important to respect that. Related to school: We have been learning and we will do so in the future. Our life is a loop repeating itself, only the surroundings and affecting elements are different.

Garbage X Wood linings: Havoc and chaos X Order in everything

Classical music X Alternative music: Associations with education. Classics is great, but there is always need for the alternative. It is good to take from both and combine. How do we engage someone’s attention and make them interested? That is an everyday’s question of every teacher, to which they seek an answer for their whole life.

Legs X Batman: Association – People are not robots! Beautiful and competent teacher X Superhero in the shadows. You often only focus on her legs, the rhythm of her walking, and drift away. The face of a teacher is often forgotten as well as the fact that they are humans and not just teachers.

Prague behind the bushes X An old ship engine: The power of a place and a new energy. The view of our capital city never stops inspiring me and filling me with energy X The rut and also the mechanical nature are the only evidence of functionality. We need to take that into account, because the burnout syndrome is very close. Association – teacher.

One of whom X Money of life: Association – MAKE A CHOICE! In everybody’s life thare are situations that force us into making tough decisions. The making of such decision os accompanied with stress and hopelessness. It is important to realize that the choice has to be made and once they are it is necessary to stand your ground and go for it.

We would like to state that for now these are our personal associations and ideas. We are not sure how to take this concept further or how to work with it within the film. You are very welcome to any commentary and opinion.

By Tereza Králíková, Tereza Tyburcová, Petra Jihlavská

Reflection (By Tereza Tyburcová)

  • Basically everything that surrounds me or what I go through affects me in some way
  • My interests and another themes of my photos: studying both in school and in free time, practice, scouting, books connected to my future, culture (theaters, cinemas, galleries and paintings which inspire me to work with children), various floors, photographs with a story, artsy photos, free time, lectures of people whose ideas affect me, time and waiting, children, structures and ornaments, springtime nature.
  • The more I think about it the more I enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of a photographer. Everything seems much more interesting this way.
  • When I take photos, I take a lot of them, and then stop for a long time.
  • I have themes in my head which I subconsciously seek, however I usually take photos of things I find interesting rather than going somewhere to take photos on purpose.
  • All in all it is a collection of everything that can come handy in the future for my profession of a teacher. I did not realize this before, but now I am finding out that I am learning more and more each day, even without school.