Students prepared a methodology, how to work with tablets in a classroom and teach other how to use their idea.

Anotation activity: Practising cooperating skills. Improvement of searching skills and use of information. Practising of the proper use of tablets. Interest in books and reading. Focus while listening of reading text. Knowledge of using the tablet. Understanding of coding and de-coding texts. Reading and understanding easy texts. Expanding vocabulary. Reading with using of intonation and punctuation. Using tablet under control of the teacher. Increasing social skills. Practising the use of e-mail box. Increasing motor abilities. Extending vocabulary.

Authors: Marta Zawiasinska, Aleksandra Zawada

Key words: reading skills, Dr Seuss, application, tablet, books in class

Core Curriculum: Tasks according to core published by Polish Ministry of Education

Other subjects involted: reading development

Target group: primary school, year 3 (aged in 8-9)

Desctiption of course: To celebrate a 112th birthday of Dr Seuss, class is discovering his books, makes activities with the text, prepares birthday cards and gives a promise to practise reading at home.


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