Are you interested in the building kit LEGO® Mindstorms NXT™ and want to know more? This web will help you answer the question of why to choose LEGO® Mindstorms NXT™ , what is inside the package, what can be created and how to make a functioning robot step by step.

The guide is a hypermedia responsive web enriched with a picture and audiovisual content. So what comes next?

Why having a robot out of a LEGO building set? I have played with LEGO since I was a kid and every Christmas I was looking forward receiving more pieces that would enrich my future buildings. The combination of robotics and LEGO was so interesting for me that I was clear about what to do next. Thanks to special LEGO Mindstorms sensors I was able to combine my favourite building kit with the field that I enjoyed.

LEGO building kis is a great medium for being creative and even to solve various scientific experiments. I was intrigued by the Acceleration / Tilt sensors, which I decided to use to remotely control my robot. That was very challenging for me.

To construct the robot was very easy. Then I set its movements, or in other words, its servo-motors. As a next step I started to work with Acceleration / Tilt sensor. Here I encountered a work with data and values that the sensor output. I had to search the Internet for the answer and solve my problem. Values had to be sent as numerical information in variables. Each variable for its own axis. Thanks to this obstacle I was able to figure out a number of solutions, which I found on the Internet.

The whole project intrigued me so much that I decided to create a hypermedia web page, which might interest other creative creators, who only just discovered LEGO Mindstorms NTX or are just lacking inspiration for their creations. I added videos with demonstrations, introduces the building kit and the NTX 2.0 cube software, and I also mentiones some helpful tips.

At first I thought that making videos about LEGO Mindstorms would be easy and would only take a couple of hours. I completely missed tha fact that I had to prepare the scipt, locations or lights. I was able to manage it in the end. The most difficult challenge was filming myself.
Thanks to the project I was able to overcome obstacles by looking up information and tips on the Internet. Even the problems with filming myself helped me to lay out a scenario and consider other factors. All in all the work was positively enriching.

By Michal Dudek