This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Digital and Visual Culture in Social and Education Environments Subject.


In this final report we did an approach to selfies in order to inquire about digital identity. Under this purpose we mapped what people shows and not shows of themselves in social networks, which kind of selfies exists, why people likes to make selfies and consequences of selfies.

The objectives were identify if digital identity is real, analyze if digital identity influences in self esteem and explore the risks of selfies like cyberbullying or addiction. The study had a first part where we shaped the concept of identity based on our experience; another part where we explored the reasons why we need to do selfies in which we based in our experience and activity in social networks as well as doing an exhaustive search of public selfies in network. Finally, we compiled some cases to reflect on possible consequences of an overuse of selfies.

Presentation: Digital identity

By: Beatriz Montes, María Ocaña, Mercedes Barrachina