This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Digital and Visual Culture in Social and Education Environments Subject.


The final report is divided into eight sections. In the introduction we brought up the question of study and formulated the hypothesis. In the theoretical framework we made a brief explanation of the key concepts underpinning our research. Then we referred to the two films that were subsequently analysed (Cinderella and Brave) with reference to their contexts. Then we analysed the most relevant aspects in both films through a comparison between several characteristics. In this section we considered the two key concepts in our study (solid modernity and liquid modernity), putting special emphasis in the subsection of the female role, and how they relate to different concepts which characterize the current historical moment. To conclude, we referred to the directionality of the gaze, that is how we placed the films that we as viewers are attached. In the final synthesis we addressed to the educational implications and added a reflection on learning that has provided us the realization of this work.

  1. What have we done?  We set up a video that shows the process of our work, always taking into account the conceptual map that led us throughout the project.
  2. How have done? We put together all the videos  recorded during the implementation of the project so that they shown  the process followed. There were videos of meetings where we talked about how to do the job, videos out of the library and searching the Internet from where we extracted  information …
  3. Why do we have it? We thought that putting conceptual map as the departing point of the project and showing how we was building it as days were passing by, was a good way to make people to understand how we worked  and see what was the final result.

video: Disney between modernities

By: Juaneda López, Clara Marina; Oms Balaguer, Eva ;Pujol Mor, Ariadna ;Robles Perera, Tania; Urbano Navarro, Selene