This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Digital and Visual Culture in Social and Education Environments Subject.


Our report has to do with WhatsApp profile image. It was focused on how people relates with the images produced on their own and how the commentaries generated from others affects to the owner in choosing one image or another for their WhatsApp profile.


The aims of the inquiry were:

  • Explore educational possibilities of such images
  • Know the different representations that could be generated of and by the self.
  • Inquiry in the reasons that are behind the change of a Whatsapp profile image and how the opinions of others influence in the choosing of that image
  • Inquiry in how the development of digital technologies has influenced in how we represent ourselves socially.

To do so, we worked with literature and did polls to people close to us, that afterwards we analysed  by splitting the interviews in ages of participants as well as typology of the images (group, photo-book or selfie).

Finally we reflected about the uses and possible applications in education.

video: The image profile of WhatsApp

By: Míriam Vilaseca, Sandra Serrano