This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree context, most specifically, in Art Psychology and Studies of Gender Subject.



TeeNet is a pedagogical team who seek to work with adolescents with eating disorders in an alternative way, together with nutritionists, psychologists and instructors. Therefore we have created an environment that allows us to reach our goal, through a local, the working with schools, hospitals and home care. We seek to work emotional education, autonomy and habits from alternative activities, such as teenagers design your own menu or schedule your activities according to their interests.

You may ask, what we do in these areas?

Local – This is the most comprehensive service we offer. We could say it is like a youth association, where teenagers have a dining service and a program of self-managed activities by them. There may be an emotional education workshop, a group of percussion or a film forum, all chosen according to the needs of adolescents involved in the project.

Schools and hospitals – In these areas we offer a dining alternative, where teenagers design their own balanced menu, where you can decide what activities they want to make room for hours. We also work education and emotional growth to reach positive results in disorder.

Homecare – In order to reach our goals obtained, unidirectionally need to work with families. This is why we offer a service with them, if they do not want their own teenagers attend to other areas or if the family needs for their daily patterns.

With all of these areas, we seek to work much on the prevention of eating disorders in adolescence and find new answers to get out of the disorder, promoting autonomy and self, so that teenagers can find their place themselves.

By: Aroa Clemente, Sergio Gil, Ingrid Gran, Ainoa Hidalgo & Carlos Jiménez.