Authors: Students from 5th grade of Primary at Virolai School

We work using Brainstorming to encourage group discussions in which students use the free flow of ideas to generate as many thoughts as possible within a defined period of time. We strongly believe that Brainstorming is a great technique to develop creative thinking, stimulate ideas and see different points of view.

Sometimes it is obvious how to identify the best ideas, but in other cases, the complexity of the issue requires additional expertise to structure them. For this reason, we promote this way of working at school, in order to familiarize our students with this technique.

At the beginning of the project, students had to develop many ideas, afterwards they had to share them with the rest of the group. After clarifying and categorizing ideas, they started developing the final product.

Students were very creative and developed many different ideas. They really opened their minds to imagine the mobile of the future.