We, secondary school students, have created a workshop to teach our younger mates at primary school what a smart city is. We read the tale of Ona, a giraffe who lives  in a smart city called Barcelona, and then, in small groups, we explained how to make a smart crosswalk that only stops traffic when a person is awaiting to cross. For this we simulate the traffic lights with a computer program coded in Scratch language. Students made the crosswalk using cardboard, aluminum foil and scissors. The crosswalk actuates as a sensor based on  electricity conductivity and the interphase with the computer is made by a MakeyMakey card.

Similar to the traffic lights case we explained an automatic watering system with a simple sensor that detects the humidity level of the soil.

Finally little students made drawings of smarts solutions for the city. We enjoyed a lot!

Authors: Clara Gurt, Mercé Casasa, Rojina Maymí, Clara Lazzeri, Regina Edo.

Level: 3rd year  secondary school