Authors: Rajae Bendahmane and Pablo Morey, Year 10.


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ITemperature is a technological product for the health market. With the widespread use of smartphones, apps, multiple network connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc) and the absence of a product orientated both at families and professionals, our project presents an electronic patch which takes your temperature and sends it to your smartphone, tablet or computer. A part from the electronic patch (hereinafter I’ll enclose you a picture), we have an app that gives you the ability to monitor in real time the temperature of a child or patient, and show it immediately on your screen. It also provides a warning about the rise in temperature, and lets you save the temperature history. Wave goodbye to your traditional thermometer for good!

It is a product mostly oriented towards families but also to professionals (doctors, nurses, etc), as it will make it easier to take the temperature. ITemperature will lead us in a transformation of health technologies, we’re facing the new era of medical technology right now.

Just imagine the possibilities.

It is an innovative product, protected by patents, cheaper and more effective than the current models. What’s more, it’s easy to use, and without any current competition in the market. Technology is powered by the need to do a lot more with a lot less, using new tools to make our lives easier. That’s what ITemperature is all about. It offers a promise of so much to so many in such a short time.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. ITemperature, has it changed your life yet?