In this activity, pupils mapped their own topics using special software. Through the creation of mind maps, they penetrated deeper into the chosen issue and presented their outputs at school.


The activity was implemented in eighth and ninth grades in Computer Science classes and aimed at obtaining competencies formulated in the school curriculum (pupils used selected dedicated application programs suitable for efficient solving of various life situations).

The pupils mapped the topic which they chose themselves. The activity took eight lessons. In the first lesson, they familiarized themselves with programs for creating mind maps and with the principles of their creation. Further, they chose their own topic and formulated what it would bring them, what new it can teach them, etc. The pupils then created mind maps in the free software C-map Tools. They learned about the basic tools, including linking their maps with other documents and images. The depth of the activity was limited by time and the pace of the pupils who learned to use the program on the run. Maps were designed to correspond with the content (it contradicted it). Topics chosen by the pupils were consistent with their interests (Harry Potter movie, history of carmaker Škoda, history of beach volleyball, murder of King Wenceslas III, history of choir Pueri Gaudentes, etc.).

By publishing the maps on the Internet and in the halls of the school, schoolmates from other classes could learn about the interests of pupils in the eighth and ninth grades. Some of the maps will serve as teaching aids.

Teacher Tomáš Komrska

Mind Maps

Opinions of students:

The biggest problems during the task solution:

It was difficult to decide which topic we want to map.

It was difficult to choose how deep the mapping would be.

We had problem finding out some details concerning the topic on the Internet.

It was problematic to keep our mind map clear and simple.

Did you work with digital technics?

We worked with computer – we used the Internet and the program C-maps Tools.

Did I learn anything new?

I learnt how to work with the program C-maps Tools.

I learnt how to deal with big amout of information.

I learnt to think deeply about the problem.

I got a lot of interesting information about my favourite actress.

What shall I do better next time?

I will better organise my work time.

I will make the graphic solution of the map better.