Key words: digital competences, project across curriculum, art education, history, film, secondary school

The eighth grade of a middle (secondary) school participated in an international project DIYLab, which aims are (among others) to strengthen the digital competencies of students, collaboration across the curriculum and to strengthen constructivist teaching methods. The work was divided into four phases: topic introduction, the research, creative and dissemination phases.

(i) First, the students were introduced to the topic “The Figure of Václav Havel“ through a documentary film. After watching the documentary the class created a mind map. (ii) The second stage was the quest for information and visual material on the internet . These materials were then used in the creation of a life timeline of Václav Havel, which was later used to (iii) compose a film. The film was made out of a mix of elements of animation, interviews, audio and video recordings. (iv) The last phase consisted of the class presenting the gathered information and the film to younger pupils. The film will also become a teaching material across the curriculum in subjects such as History, Czech Language and Literature, and Art Education for upcoming years.


Teachers Zdenka Špidlová, Iva Podoláková


Film “Cesty Václava Havla” (140MB)

Havel – Timeline Cards (HTML)

Havel – teacher slideshow

Havel – pupil slideshow 1

Havel – pupil slideshow 2

Havel – pupil slideshow 3

Havel – project photos

Havel – mind map

Opinions of students:

The biggest problems during the task solution:

We had few cameras.

We had problem with knowledge and organization.

I had to find some answers on internet.

I had problem to sharpen the camera.

Some people were often missing in class.

What problems did you have with digital technics?

I had problem to turn on camera and fix it.

We used a photo camera and a tablet and didn’t have any problems.

I had problem using the dictaphone.

Did you learn anything new?

I learnt how to take photos with Professional camera.

I learnt how to download video and look for the right web pages.

I learnt how to cooperate.

I learnt how to use dictaphone.

I learnt how to fix the camera on the tripod(20%)

I learnt how to use the program which creates mind maps, how to work with the camera and its tripod, how to use the dictaphone.

I got more information how to work with camera and tripod.

Did you learn anything new?

I would like to have better cooperation.

I woul like to work faster.

I would like to have more different pictures.

I would like to have more time to be able to improve the result.

What did I learn?

I learnt to work during the lesson.

I learnt to work better.

I learnt how to work in a big group and to come to agreement.

I learnt how to organise the group.

I learnt how to cooperate and to search information independently.

I learnt how to coordinate bigger amout of children.

I learnt how to deal with the camera tripod.

Cooperation is the most important.

I learnt a lot about V.Havel

I learnt how to manage a bigger group of people.