This is the work a group of students of Year 10 developed for the Project “The city I want to live in” under a cross curricular perspective. We observed and analysed some of the problems our city has to face and realised that being a Mediterranean country we have water shortage, a smart irrigation system can be the solution. So we started working hand in hand in the development of an application using a Raspberry pi plate providing soil moisture sensors that measured the volumetric water in the soil which could lead to a smart irrigations system which prevents irrigation cycles when the soil is wet. It’d be a great idea to apply to our school.

After that new related ideas came to our mind. Our school is surrounded by gardens and Nature but the building and terraces are just made of bricks. So we decided to evaluate the possibility of introducing green terraces and vertical gardens that could contribute to fix carbon dioxide, cool down the building in summer and take benefit of rainwater as well as improve the beauty of building.

Finally we analysed the benefits and constrictions of our environmental solutions which are also shown as well as the conclusions of our project.

Authors: Clara Gurt, Laura Sánchez, Emma Jarques, Rojina Maymí, Roger Rovira and Clara Lazzeri.

Level: 3rd year secondary school.