This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree context, most specifically, in Art Psychology and Studies of Gender Subject.


The Queer Theory pretends to blur the limits between categories previously divided by rationality and decorum.

Since we were children, we are required behave, dress, feel even desire in a specific way. When we were born, we are carried out a violent border: gender. Nobody teach us that gender and sex are different topics. As if this was not enough, society constantly, ensuring their well-being, would have us believe that these terms have the same meaning. That is, in order to keep this heterosexual scaffold intact as if it sustains the whole thing. Thus, in this way, we grow believing that the only things that exist are monogamy, being cisexual, cisgender and heterosexuality.

Society produces and reproduces us these two terms as one, through mechanical behaviors, so that we stay behind the line. These mechanisms can became as simple and difficult words to detect by their repeated ordinariness. These words are seen as borders that oppress bodies, practices, behavior and mentalities of these people that form part of the society and patriarchal.

These words are the following:

Peering, cisexuality, cisgender, Heteronormativity, monogamy, religion, marriage, heterosexual scaffold, fashion, prescriptive sexual practices, mainstream pornography and pathologies.

At any one time, thanks to Trans and LGTB, these lines, the ones that we are asked to cut, are dispelled in a battle through the representations and non-prescriptive practices which we establish by our bodies.  Hence, from this point of view, I understand that the transit through corporal actions is an activist move to visualize non-prescriptive dissident groups, behaviors and sexualities. And, moreover, I also comprehend that we cannot only change by means of body changes.

I run into movements as cyberfeminism, transfeminism and post-porn that can generate a struggle by means of changes that do not require a continuous body transformation. That is, cyberfeminism lets me move my gender through internet. Then, transfeminism allows me to meet a feminism that denies binomials. Finally, post-porn facilities me to know and enjoy a non-heteronormative practice porn, where the body is an artistic creation.

Thus, Queer theory came into my life giving me the opportunity to know myself and knowing the other as also other ways to change. Furthermore, on this way, it changes the way in which we interact with the world.

video: The Queer Theory

By: Ariadna