ArsLonga is an app dedicated to all museum lovers that want to be constantly connected to their favorite museums.

With our application you can search for you favorite museums in Barcelona in order to synchronize their calendars with your device so you’ll be instantly notified if any of your selected museums launches any special exhibitions, hosts a conference, displays a new artifact, etc.

The users will be able to search under two main criteria:

  • Museums: Name, type of museum, time to spend on a visit, location, prices and other such values.
  • Events: Event category, all the museums containing that type of event , date of display / duration of exhibit etc.

Every museum will have a brief description of its main features so the user will know if this type of museum is one that would interest them.

Also the user will be able to select what event notifications he wants to receive, for instance, all of them or for only some specifics events.

There are lots of activities and exhibitions every single week in Barcelona museums and, obviously, we can’t expect to know about all of them. So, all those who are interested in the cultural part of our city will be notified of the events in the museums which they like so they don’t have to spend hours searching on the Internet for events.

Our application is something new in both the museum and the app fields. There are not many apps which cover the cultural side of Barcelona, and we want to show our citizens how culturally rich our city is.

This app brings us a new way to look at museums, not as boring spaces where art is exposed, but as temples destined to improve people’s cultural knowledge! And we want to help them.

Authors: Arnau Corredor, Iwo Carbajo

Level: 4th Year Secondary School (Year 10)