This product is directed at everybody who regularly uses any type of earphones, since it will solve all the major problems that they have. Halfphones are earphones that fit perfectly on your ear thanks to their special ear shape and solve some problems you may have using normal earphones:

  • They’re waterproof, so you can use them underwater.
  • They’re wireless, so the wire won’t be a mess every time you take them from your bag.
  • You will be able to share your music with your friends, because when you join the two parts of the halfphones they become a speaker!
  • It has either a heart or ball shape that you “break” and put in your ears, so when you keep it you will have a heart or a ball, easy to find inside your bag!

It also comes with an app that will help customers to share their music and they can also create their own playlist and share it with the world!

It will solve all the problems that the headphones, the earphones and the speakers have.

Everyone will be able to use them and they will have all those devices in one. Our product willhave an app and so in the case that you lose them, you will be able to find them through bluetooth.

It’s a very innovative project because there isn’t another product like this one that covers all the necessities of the customers, along with an app that will provide you with a constant communication with the music world and people who also use this product.

Authors: Aina Clapés, Maria Ribalta, Ainara Sarobé.

A PDF version of the presentation: The halfphones

Level: 4th Year Secondary School (Year 10)