This digital object has been developed in subject Využití mobilních dotykových zařízení ve výuce (Using mobile interactive devices in education). We tested different types of digital devices, which can be used in education.
In a middle of the subject took us teacher a box. There we really strange things, called Beebot. Just one of our twelve-member group knew, what is it. We tried to find some information about beebots and how to use them in education. A lot of materials we found in UK or Slovakia. But there were one problem, these types of mobile devices are often used for small kids to begin with algoritm thinging. Most of the student in course were studiing for teaching in secondary schools.
First of all we tried to prepare some boards to use with robots, we read how big should be the one space for beebot. And we tested it, of course. Other big problem were with robots, because we need to test a lot of things, beebots were often discharged.
We have to lose some other problems. F.e. with the space, how to make a board and it can be used more than ones in lesson. It should not be a paper and it must be together in one piece (not to stack i lesson). Teacher brought us one board, but it was plastic and wrinkling (not immediatelly used in lesson). We found some transparent pad, which can be bought, it is really cheap, and under this pad can be used whatever. We make some boards to use in education.
We tried to use beebots in a few subjects, as well in gymnastic. The activity involves the exercise sequence of exercises that one pupil programmed and the whole group must work out. Beebots must be long enough to wait for the fields or use the box to relax The goal is entertaining way to strengthen the body. Other boards you can see in video.

video: link – video