Under this activity, pupils created a visual and textual guide of Stromovka park. They guided their classmates around the park, and together they performed tasks from worksheets.

Class 4.A (21 pupils) were tasked to learn about Stromovka, which is located near the school.

The objective of this activity was to find out what interesting things Stromovka offers to people and to share any interesting information with schoolmates. During this activity, pupils were divided into groups and sought information about Stromovka from various sources (books, Internet, etc.). Each group focused on a particular topic (e.g., history, important buildings, nature, ponds). Then, pupils prepared text and image information to be orally presented in classes.

In the next phase, the class carried out nature walks to Stromovka, where pupils could put the newly acquired information in practice through observation of nature (plants, animals, historic buildings, etc.). Pupils then noted their observations in worksheets. During the walks, pupils photographed and documented places they found interesting. On the final walk, pupils guided lower-grade pupils through Stromovka where they showed them the local sights, ponds and historic buildings and assisted them in filling out their worksheets. The output of the project is a collection of information, texts, photos and worksheets by pupils. The materials can be used as a teaching tool for other classes.

Video of papers about park Stromovka

Video of the worksheet on the project park Stromovka


Opinions of students:

The biggest problems during the task solution:

The biggest problem was to agree how to divide into smaller groups.

It was difficult to agree how to divide activities: who would work on photos, architecture etc.

We had problems because of arguments in the team.

Did you work with digital technics?

Yes, we used camera, dictaphone, video camera, Internet.

Did I learn anything new?

I learnt to speak in front of the pupils from other classes.

I learnt to take photos with digital camera.

What shall I do better next time?

If I had more time, I would pay more attention to taking photos of details in Stromovka.