This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Teacher in Primary Education Degree context, most specifically, in Virtual and Learning Environments.




We are students of primary grade education from the University of Barcelona and we studied the mention of digital technologies. In one of the subjects of this, we create a virtual space with Moodle. This space was oriented to an invented school and class, in this case sixth grade. The main purpose of this shared space was to teach risks and good use of social networks to children, but we wanted the parents had an important role in these explanations so, they also formed in this area.

To create this Moodle space, previously the teacher made some small indications, and he allowed us to investigate about the tools and to get information about their uses. To do this, we used two documents posted on the campus of the university. Because of that, we realize an autonomous learning process and we could regulate our knowledge to get the final result. So, we got information about the Moodle tools and we thought about how we could use to achieve our goals to create a space for parents, teachers and students

The fact of creating a virtual space autonomously, allowed us to achieve a significative learning because we decided by ourselves what tools we wanted to use to create our virtual platform. Furthermore, teamwork was an enrichment in our learning since each component could contribute ideas and their personal skills, both in terms of understanding the use of ICT as the internal organization of the group.

Therefore, by creating this virtual space, we could be involved in the problems we could see like teachers to organize a virtual classroom and the technical aspects that leads. However, it has been a motivator and interesting project. So, we have known and learnt necessary information to do our job in a better way, taking into account the digital reality with which we will find along our profession.


Vídeo: Proper use of social networks and the importance of network security

By Arancha Andreu, Laura Gilo and Gloria Giménez