Class 3.A of 18 pupils manufactured a postcards box.

         The objective of this activity was to familiarize them with their surroundings, seek information, and try out the role of the teacher. This activity was launched in March 2015. Pupils were to find out where postcards and stamps are sold and what their prices are and learned to formulate greetings and write the address properly. Subsequently, they send their postcards to classmates and observed how long it takes to deliver them.

          After this phase, pupils were divided into groups and then chose a topic for further work (plants, animals, cities, castles, country life) depending on the collected postcards.

          During April, pupils produced boxes from the postcards and thought about terms to put inside them. In May, pupils sought information on the selected topics and designed and created worksheets. In June, they reciprocally verified the functionality of the teaching materials and presented their work to first-graders and individually to younger pupils.

Lenka Růžičková


Opinions of students:

The biggest problems during the task solution:

My problem was to create any picture.

My problem was to make the box.

My problem was to find post box in Prague 7.

My problem was to cooperate while making the box.

My problem was that I sometimes had to write for other pupils.

My problem was that two girl wanted to do the same thing.

My problem was to sew the box.

Did I learn anything new?

I learnt how to work in team.

What shall I do better next time?

I will agree on who will do what.

We should cooperate better.

What did I learn?

I learnt how to organize work.

I learnt how to create diplomas.

I learnt how to be a teacher and teach children.