Experimental interdisciplinary aktivity is oriented on developmnet of abstract thinking and digital creations of pupils. We realized this aktivity with 75 pupils from 6. – 8.classes.

Our artistic project was inspired by abstract paintings by Netherland artist Piet Mondian (1872-1944) and op-art paintings by Hungarian – French artist and graphics Victor Vasarely (1906 – 1997).  Both artists belong to prominent figures of modern art. They created a lot of breathtaking abstract compositions.

First we carefully studied examples of their creations. The teacher of art explained to pupils the meaning of the words: abstract – definite.

In second stage the teacher asked pupils to create abstract compositions  by using CELLS. We chose spreadsheet MS Excel, which is usually used for calculation, as a tool for creations. Basic composition of the picture was created by moving height and width of separate cells. Then pupils continued in their own way. They chose the order of painting cells to create interesting compositions. Somebody worked in axial symmetry, somebody painted cells e.g. from left to right, others worked chaotic and spontaneously. What was Mondrians approach?

At the end of activity we printed out abstract digital graphics and used it for creating small house models. Projected images were used as part of multimedia show  in the school interier. That show was recorded. The activity was realized during Informatics, Art Studies and  art clubs.

Basic experience was that the software, which is used for calculating,  making tables and diagrams, can be successfully used for artistic images.

Karolina Obrova, Tomas Komrska

Digital pictures 6.B

Digital pictures 6.A

Opinions of students:

The biggest problems during the task solution:

It was a problem to imagine the geometrical graphics in general.

I had problem choosing the suitable colours.

The biggest problem was to connect the islands of colours into one image.

The biggest problem was to work in Power Point.

Did you work with digital technics?

Program MS Excel a MS Power Point.

Yes, we used MS Excel and MS Power Point.

Did I learn anything new?

I learnt how to use MS Excel in artistic work.

I learnt to use paints in MS Excel.

I learnt to work with cells – to increase them and to move.

What shall I do better next time?