In this activity, pupils invented and produced games (board games, pairs, playing cards) for the subject Czech Language. Pupils tested the difficulty of their games in a parallel class.

          The concept for this activity for 1.B (23 pupils) was prepared by Magdaléna Malá. The activity was successfully realized during 15 lessons in Art Education and Practical Training. The contents of the activity is linked to the contents of the subject in the given year (in Czech Language – vocabulary development, analysis of games and their rules, in Practical Training and Art Education – creation of board games – the layout of the playing field).

           In the first phase, pupils though about the games they wanted to create. They did this both at home and at school. It was important to work out how the games continue to develop vocabulary, analysis, and synthesis of words in the Czech language. For many, this was quite challenging. The next step involved sorting out and assessing materials. Pupils had to think about which art supplies they would need for their game. Then, it was necessary to first sketch the game to get an visual idea, find out what materials will be needed, and, primarily, if the instructions for the game are easy to understand for others. Finally, pupils devised game rules, which was also challenging to some. In total, eight games were created. Of which five were board games, two “pairs” card games, and one “mau” card game.

         During the activity, pupils developed their communication skills, worked in groups, and had to tackle a number of problems both alone and in teams. Pupils did not use digital technologies; the activity was focused on cooperation, development of independent thinking, and problem solving.


Magdaléna Malá

Here you can see your cards to Czech language.


Opinions of students:

The biggest problems during the task solution:

It was fifficult to create a new game with new characters.

I had problem creating the rules of the game in order to make it funny.

Did you work with digital technics?

No, I didn’t.

Did I learn anything new?

I learnt to work on my own.

I learnt to think of new ideas independently.

What shall I do better next time?

I would think of more complicated game.