The goal of this project was to create the information system for administrating the activities of a theatre ensemble, which will enable listing statistics (number of performances, number of people in the audience…) for each production, actor or season. The theme of my work is the activity of ensembles Kašpárek and Jitřenka, which I am part of. It should provide the most common information related to the repertoars, authors, actors and all-around activities of the ensembles. The main requirement was for the database to be easily usable and to ease the administration work related to the ensembles.
What have we done

The project contains a complete design of the information system of ensembles in few easy steps.

  1. Specification of requirements and functionality of the information system
  2. Creation of a concept of a database model and a physical scheme of the database in a form of entity-relation diagram
  3. Design of specific data type and filling the database with data
  4. Creation of database views according to specification requirements
  5. Designl of the main procedures for administrative interface
  6. Implementation of the database server


How did we do it

I was alone in this project, so I cannot evaluate any cooperation with my classmates. Sometimes I found myself so focused on the project that I spent several hours on it until a specific part was successfully finished. It took me a long time to indestand the correct syntax for connecting variables in a query, but I eventually leadner how to use the function concat().

It was a tough nut to crack to design the model od the database due to the information I needed to write down.

I am very aware that there is room for optimizing the database. The place of the performance could be a separate entity, because there would be reocurring data such as Pavilon or Valečov, but I decided to leave it be and that this for is sufficient for the needs of the credit.


Why did we do it this way

Since the functionality of the database was quite broad and I was unable to find anything on the internet, the work was difficult and I found myself wondering a lot. I often asked myself if I didn’t challenge myself too much. However, when everything worked properly, I was very happy about myself. I was able to learn a lot especially in the fild of creating a database in MySQL server enviroment, MySQL Workbench and phpMyAdmin.

I used my knowledge of the functioning of the theatre and administration to specify the requirements of my system.

In the end, I proved myself that it is great to challenge myself, because I am happier about myself and learn a lot more.


Description of all phases of developing database with specific example (pdf)

Author: Anna Lhoťanová