As a part-time MA study student at the Faculty of Education to become an ICT teacher in the compulsory course „ICT Education 04“ we got to know about principles of the concept DIY as a teaching approach (emphasizing digital literacy development; inter-disciplinary relations; teamwork; autonomy learning; problem learning/IBL; relation to curriculum and application of outschool activities of children into schools). We were called up to think about how to apply this idea in ICT education with the aim to design and to create an animated story on a topic which could be interesting for pupils and in which they could apply their out school activies.
In this task I could rely on my longtime teaching practice with a subject „ICT“ for basic school. I decided to involve in this activity my pupils to see if it is possible to work in such way in school teaching practice.
I decided to concentrate on how to design and create the animated story using free or easily available SW and technology which would be invented by my pupils. I tried to collaborate also with another teachers. The support of a Drama Education teacher was very helpful and important. Our result would have been much more better if there had been support also in Art education.
All what we did was a completely new experiment I had no experiences with such type of task. I could see that not only pupils involved in the story development but also unconcerned pupils were interested what we were doing.
I proposed to do this activity with older pupils who are nore interested in creativity of animated films.


Czech version you can see here.


Author: Milan Žemlička