Kitka -Friction

Presentation in ”Force” –Thematic school subject integration:
(Crafts, Physics and chemistry, Mother tongue , English)

Day 1:We were divided into groups and every group got a topic. We went to the library to
look for information.
Then we went back to school. We read books.

Day 2
We planned our project. Then we collected lots of balls.

Day 3
We went to the sports hall and filmed a video. We pushed balls in the video.

Day 4
We go to computer class. We started to make a powerpoint

Day 5
We continued our powerpoint. We wrote text and added our video to powerpoint.

Day 6
We edited a little our powerpoint.

Day 7
7. day is last day and we were ready.

Team: Marino Hommy, Noora Marttinen, Sanni Launonen