This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Environments, processes and technological  resources of learning Subject.



The video we are introducing to you right now is based in this structure:


What have we done?

How have we done it?

Why have we done it?

Despite of presenting the proposal structuration to do this visual support in a virtual way, we think the realization of an explanation in which we will able to see more detailed both this points and these information which have relation with them is very important.

First of all we introduce the question “What have we done?”

One of the first decisions we have to do as a group, is to context us in a non formal education. Other of the ideas was that, inside this context, we would be able to work with the insertion of the people that belongs to this collective.

Due to the union of these ideas we decided to focus on Brians prison II. Analyzed both the context and the collective we conclude that our task would be the reintegration in the emotional, occupational, educational and social fields. This reintegration would be worked with the digital magazine Calaméo in which the prisoner would be able to show the reality where they live in an institutional level and in the formations they should participate.


Then, we introduce the question “ How have we done?”.

We decided use easy and free tools. First we worked with de platform Google Sitea and then we use Calameo to create the digital magazine.

Finally, “Why have we done?” .

We think that the most important prisioner’s needs was the dificult integration , sometimes created by the social prejudice.

From the publication of reality, thoughts, experiences and activities for prisoners, we want that everyone can access and read in order to improve society


By:  Laura Martín, Ariadna Olmeda & Irene Escamilla


Video: DIGITAL MAGAZINE IN THE PRISION BRIANS 2;  Digital Magazine in the Prision Brians 2 (subtitled)