This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Environments, processes and technological  resources of learning Subject.


This project was created for the subject Environments, processes and technological  resources of learning , of the University of Barcelona, for the Pedagogy’s grade. The goal was create a virtual environment and choose a disadvantaged group where apply. My project has been created for gypsy community and the virtual environment has been a blog. The process I’ve done is:

1. Make a analysis of the community Gypsy and search needs.

2. The needs were based on the little connection that exists between the educational context and the Gypsy community, which causes a clear educational exclusion, in stage of the high school.

3. After searching various virtual environments and observe what was best suitedfor my group I chose to design a blog.

4. Families, students and faculty would be the protagonists. They would who write the various blog entries. Could also respond to blog posts.

5. Who will lead this process would be the direction of the center, while other specialists also have a big role.

6. During the week, there should be multiple entries and all the protagonists could read the entries, while the co-­ordinators would go organizing subsequent entries.

7. your application would have a key factor: the time. The variable of time would be crucial because the results wouldn’t be seen in a short period.

8. This project was created with the aim of the educational and social exclusion suffered by the Roma community decrease, although it is a long process, the involvement of the families, the teachers and students would be key to eradicating another go little by little this discussion.

By: Júlia Morató Boada

video: Educational Exclusion and the Gypsy Community