This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Environments, processes and technological  resources of learning Subject.


What have we done?

In this project we have developed a virtual environment consists of a Moodle and Blog to improve the methodology of a particular school. We believe that the school called St. Catherine of Siena, need innovative tools to promote active teaching in the classroom. We have focused on teachers course second grade to those providing Moodle equipped with tools, resources and strategies to develop more dynamic and meaningful classes. For parents, we have a blog to reinforce the idea of working together school and family.

The video shows the process of selecting the theme and scope, along with the development process of work and finally sample the final product, which in our case is the Moodle and Blog.

How have we done?

As we had to focus actions towards two perspectives: teachers and parents of students in the school Santa Caterina de Siena, contemplate the use of two different virtual tools, considering the frequency and difficulty of use, by the way we wanted to convey information. For this reason, we think on the one hand create a virtual campus for teachers, so that they had all the information about the new training. And a blog for family, because its use is simple, is presented in a clear manner the content and the questions to ask. And just below these questions can now add their opinions and answers.

Why have we done?

Because we believe that thanks to Moodle teachers and learn the syllabus we offer, also have a significant learning of it, to have it to use so soon , and why the blog for parents is because we believe it is a simple virtual environment It requires no knowledge , because it is only written and read so easy to use.

Finally we believe to be appropriate to say that virtual environments that do not need to be face to do when you have free time.

By: Sara Garcia, Marta Martorell, Aroa Montero and  Monica Zafra

video: Educational Innovation