This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Environments, processes and technological  resources of learning Subject.


The Refugees Resources BCN project is a website that intends to work as a resource guide for refugees from Syria welcomed by the city of Barcelona. The current sociopolitical situation in Syria has created a big migratory wave of syrian people heading towards Europe. Because of this, the European Parliament passed a plan of redistribution of refugees last october, which had been proposed by the European Commission. Consequently in Barcelona, among more cities, a reception plan has been initiated, which could reach to take in up to 4000 syrian refugees.

Considering that it’s a phenomenon that emerged so quickly it didn’t give time to create welcoming and support mechanisms for refugees, we felt interest for these people and started a whole process of research about the situation they are living, and ultimately tried to offer help to the refugees. So then, the first step was to do research about the history of these collective and their features, and from there we analyzed their needs so we could adjust the project for them. The second step was to do a research about the currently available services and resources in Barcelona aimed to give support to the refugees.

Finally after all this research we decided to focus the project in improving or providing the adjustment of the refugees to the city of Barcelona, and so improve Barcelona as a Refuge City. This is why this project consists on making Barcelona a better refuge city and creates a virtual source bank where people who need it can consult their doubts and find advice from people who are living similar situations. That is, the objective of the project is to ease the integration of Syrian people to Barcelona, that’s why the blog counts with a guide and orientation section where sources, recommendations and other kinds of help gather. And another section with a social network that offers space for interaction between people of this collective. This is a video that briefly summarizes the project and explains how the blog works.

By: June Arruti, Anna Boix, Clara Farré and Sole García

video: Refugees Resources BCN