This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Digital and Visual Culture in Social and Education Environments Subject.


This is my DIYLAB Project. I decided to make a video-montage where people can see some of the most interesting and useful activities we have experienced this year at the University of Barcelona during a subject inside Pedagogy, called “Entorns, Processos I Recursos Tecnològics d’Aprenentatge”, which is focused on the importance of the innovation spirit to make possible a better education, introducing new technological resources.

On this video, I would like that people who work inside Pedagogy and people who do not, to try to think about what have we done during human history to offer a better way to educate our society, what kind of changes have we experienced, and, the most important, what can we do to improve in future. It is necessary to update education and introduce new ideas, because we are using old methodologies, which are really interesting and useful, but the world is changing, every year we discover new technological resources and we need to use them with students, to offer a quality education in a digital age, in a society where people know perfectly these technological advances, but they are not conscious of the possibility to learn in a motivating way, introducing these digital inventions. One of these technological resources that we have worked during the subject is the world of videogames. There are so many different kinds of videogames, but they always try to make users take decisions, challenging them and letting them to find the useful tools to go ahead.

During my video, also people can see different technological inventions that show us what science is able to do and what kind of utilities it has. These inventions, which we saw at the CCCB Museum in Barcelona during an art exhibition called “+ Humans”, are not linked with education, but they are really interesting to be known and they make us meditate about the role of science in our society, making possible all you can imagine. Walking through all these resources, I have learned the importance of updating our learning style, based on old methodologies. We need to know these methodologies, but we all need to contribute with new ideas. I hope you to enjoy my video-montage and I invite all of you to think about how we can be part of this change.

By: Christian Gispert

video: Building Learning