This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Digital and Visual Culture in Social and Education Environments Subject.



In this Curriculum you can find all the information that belong to my academic knowledges that I have learned during the degree in Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona, focused in the subject “Entorns, Processos i Recursos tecnològics d’Aprenentatge”, but on a personal way that I hope could give to this project the sensitivity that I pretend to offer.

This design on a sort of currículum vitae borns from my natural implication into the working world, even if this CV is not focused on my working experience, I consider that it is important to say that from an early age I have participated actively into the working world forming myself on a responsible and consequent way and working on different areas that has helped not only to obtain.


By: Laura Gómez Pintado

Website: Doing a virtual and personal academic curriculum