This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.




1 Which questions it put to me?

2 What I think I have learnt through this course? 3 What I show to others what I have learned?

  1. The questions which i’m thinking about in the subject would be resumed in only three. I hope that I could answer them in the future:

A How much can we be manipulated by the publicity? B Are we like this or the society made us like we are? C What we wish, is what we really wish or is it impost?

  1. What I learnt through this course I have many points to talk about, because I didn’t know about that until I came to this subject.

The cognitive capitalism, is the capitalism carried to all areas of our life. For example, in education ,which pass from being a right in the 90s to be a service. That makes to see the education not like it is, but as an investment.

The artistic capitalism, which is taken to our ground and makes us, artists, constructors of experiences and affections. Then, that makes the Fine Arts schools places where we learn to create those experiences and innovations.

How the image is in all the points of desire, but in different ways, in the beginning like a mental image until the last point when we get what we want (our desire). The image then, is real.

The colonization. Not to consider the other person like an authority, so, I configure the other person how I think he or she is, and it doesn ́t stop there, because the other person can’t determine who he or she is; I’m not who I am for the others, I’m the idea which they project upon me.

  1. In one hand, the work that my group did (What role do the images play in the constitution of desire?) in which we did a mural and a video about the desire in various ways. On the other hand, the idea of colonization and artistic capitalism caught my attention, and a group of artists from my village and I, re-created an artistic collective. Our objective is to make the town councils give us a showroom for making expositions and making workshops in a totally free way. Also, Contemporary Visualities helped me for my TFG by making me understand the concept of colonization so much, that I want to work about the social media (facebook, twitter and instagram) on three points: the social media as a drug, its toxicity and the image and idea we create about us in it.

In general, this subject, although at the beginning I was very confused (because I joined the class a few weeks late), It made me progress and learn but especially has enabled me to reflect what I learnt in other areas.


By: Silvia Ballesteros

Video: Individual trayectory