This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.




My name is Alba González Núñez and I’m studying Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. I took a subject called “Visualidades contemporaneas”, in which I’ve learned a lot of concepts related to the way people see and make images. I’ve learned that what we see is not only what’s there, we see through our culture and the things we’ve learned in our life. Also, about the dispositives, cognitive and artistic capitalism, colonization and decolonization, imaginaries… And finally, at the second part of the course, we’ve learned about desire and how it’s visualized. I like to think that we’ve learned to work in a different way that how we use to work in other courses. It’s been a little weird for me because I wasn’t sure of what was “right” to present, so now I know that there are more possibilities of working in a group and ways of presenting the final work that I didn’t realized.

Our group worked on the subject of the desire as a dispositive of the publicity. We’ve tried to show in the video that the product doesn’t matter anymore, and that it’s almost creepy the way that the ads sell you a product. For that, we’ve made parodies of the parts of the ads we thought were using that “desire”.

All of that makes you wonder the way that you see things. How much of the way to see is conditioned by your culture and by what you’ve been taught? I suppose that everything, but it’s interesting to question all those things. Not only about myself, but the others as well. And on the other hand, what does the images that I produce tell about all this?


By: Alba González Núñez


Video: What I think I have learned through this course, which questions it put to me, what I show to others what I have learned.