This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


My name is Mar and I am currently studying the third year of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. The invitation to make this text comes from a course that conducted since September, whose name is Visualitats Contemporànies, with Fernando Hernández, as a teacher. According to its proposal, the class raised with viewing videos and images by which we were discussing, reading texts mentioned, classroom visit an artist / activist, among other things. Learning hovered hindsight of a compounded world, observing a challenging and stimulating company, which creates and currently projects a world featuring images, an aestheticized community. In each of the classes raised endless questions, which did not seem to go anywhere, although I already held, in large quantities, mind.

The direction taken by the class was formed through which the students contributed (visualizations, several texts and proposals). That’s how we sustain the first link or topic link or realize a research on our part. Desire, and their relevant aspects.

To log on, create a group, specifying our interest about desire: The oppression of the individual in the visual culture of desire in the aestheticized societies. From here we each delved into subtopics that will provoke interest. Some of our questions were: How does it affect oppression in our social sphere ?, What ?, known methods of oppression oppressive institutions is there ?, what ?, how affects us ?, is a phenomenon oppression speculative manipulation ?, we can be aware of it ?, we differentiate between oppression and repression differences ?, what ?, We are taught to want ?, can free ourselves ?, What alternatives do we have ?, Examples can be found ?, how oppression affects different social groups, regarding their geo-location ?, where we find places that radicalization ?, is the loss of freedoms direct consequence ?, there are real rights? , etc.

Actually, to a greater or lesser extent, we were entering a process of introspection that each wanted to know how it affected him. In my case, in addition to treating the identity biased by images, gender and sexuality. He was very interested in the psychology of the individual, and as we form as such, what makes us who we are. And what we are.

In conclusion, all that began as a simple work of a third subject of race, ended up being a redirection by deconstruction and now I’m going through. With far more knowledge of myself.


By: Maria del Mar Máñez

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me.
What I show to others about what I have learned.