This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.



In this video I’ve tried to represent my learning process through this subject, Visualitats contemporànies. First, we took several classes where we were introduced to the basic and most important concepts to understand what is artistic capitalism, decolonial strategies, desire, etc. During those sessions we didn’t use to participate very much since, at least for me, it took a long process to really understand what we were talking about, think about it, and realize the meaning and the importance of what had been told in class. We read some recommended lectures and searched individually some examples to understand some important concepts.

Then, we had the opportunity to choose one of the questions that all of us put up about desire. Choosing the question we were more interested about made us work more motivated. Sharing different opinions and developing a common project with a group was difficult at some point, but I think working together it’s a really good way to really understand what we are talking about and see things from another point of view. All the groups presented their working process and the result of it, and I could see how much it had motivated some of us to study deeper and to know more about visual culture, desire or whatever that would have interested us the most.

Summing up, in the video, we can see some of those basic concepts we’ve been studying, what’s the general idea that remains in my head about how our society and the artistic capitalism works, some of the questions I’ve had during the course, and finally, how I think this learning will help me in the future.

In conclusion, in this course I’ve become more conscious about our reality. I’ve learnt to read the images and to be more critic about everything I see. It’s a subject that makes you think, makes you understand and changes your reality representation. My previous knowledge about it was very limited, but I think I’ve made a significant learning about what’s been studied.


By: Núria Soriano

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.