This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.



In the beginning of the course, we were exposed several concepts, some who already had any notion of them, and other strangers. Some of them like capitalism, visual culture, images, decolonization, strategies and more. In this first part of the course, an area of debate where students should look for examples and share them was created on the virtual Campus. Where students shared information, although as was the subject this section was leaving bandwidth and we focus on one greater challenge. Talk about desire.

Despite the fact that my participation in class was not desired, I believe in the group that I found the right environment to comment on topics of debate. I think that in part why the group, when it was more or less complete, debated way and that seemed interesting, something in class that was not the case. Also influenced the fact of having to expose the works to the other colleagues and this generated an interesting and constructive debate in certain medium confidence for groups. I sincerely think that involvement of certain people in the groups, missed because that seemed to me interesting the idea of working with very large groups. I think that to be so many people, I generated to me the idea that we could work all in one direction and be able to gain insight into more questions around the question that had been selected. But it did not.

The process we carry out about desire, was walking a path with some ups and downs. At various times it seemed that we advanced in our research, we could call it, but by others, we noticed that we were not really responding to the question. To clarify a bit our plan of work, our teacher gave us to choose between ten questions and about our interests recorded one.

Another thing that found me quite interesting, which groups were freely making the interests of students. This is another thing to consider, why never know how to work your partner, or that dynamic will continue along work. I think interests may be changing, according to each person, and that can influence negatively in the group.

Another of the difficulties in which we found was that of people who did not appear in the multiple meetings, outside opening hours of the University, which we have been doing. We knew that we had to answer the question, thing that concerned us enough throughout the work. The Professor leave much autonomy when it comes to work, in a way that favored to develop the project, but also made us doubt whether it was the correct path at all times. Therefore I think that it was a point in favor we had, and decide how we wanted to work.

Finally, I think that the course made me rethink a lot of ideas and positions that it had already given for granted, especially of what moves me in creating my drawings or directly why pinto or that I want to do it. I think that perhaps this subject, in a little proportion but enough, has changed the way of seeing things and to give them a more open and mature approach. I think people in general as a step forward in understanding reality, some more some less.

Also and as to end up in the way of understanding the class, and of how its classical structure is not always valid for the learning of the listener. I think that this proposal is very valid and can / I hope to be a long tour of the classrooms. I think that it has been a good experience. Especially when working with my colleagues and to develop the DIY.


By: Eric Crespo Locco

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.