This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.





The first day of class our teacher, Fernando Hernández, presented the subject starting with a story. It was funny. Fernando, before starting classes, told us that those stories that he was going to tell us it would be remembered by us at least until the end of the subjects. That’s true. I still remember it.

The most amazing detail that I remember now about the introduction was the way the teacher would focus the future classes. Certainly, I believe that the change was necessary.

I am going to answer the following questions in order to show you my time in this course.

What I think I have learnt through this course

To be concise, I think I’ve learned to look better. I mean, you are living in a world that the visual way that you received influences you significantly. All you see influence you in anywise. The power of the images are the main feature about the capitalism society where we are living. Peter Kennard said that what remains in our memory are always pictures. And that is true. Just remember some fact of your life, imagens appear constantly in your head. For this reason, know the importance that imagens can affect to you is important. The fact to see pictures and assume is mechanism that we always should do it. After leaving the class, my head was a sea of questions.

One of the topics that we also learned is about visual culture. After that, we started to dive into capitalism artistic. The key words about it:

Production-aesthetics Art-consumer-benefit advertising-desire

We talked about the artistic capitalism. When something affect you directly you are more conscious, committed and interested. A simple image do not configure an idea about this image is, is just what we set from them.

After see what four aesthetics ages we passed, we commented about colonialism. We had to do an activity that had you to search images related to this topic. We couldn’t go deeply because the next months we would be immersed in the desired world.

We envision many images, videos, we read many articles and talked about many interesting terms. I come to my mind many authors like Deleze Luis Martín Santos, Maite Larrauni… The group project that we did make me know how difficult are work with a lot of people is. We were 11 students in the group. It was great enjoy the time knowing that we was there to answer together our doubts.

Which questions it put to me

If I have to be honest, now in my head there are lots of questions. I am trying to arrange all the information. But I think that is a great happening. To have questions means looking for answer. And this fact is the most important fact that have to appear in a learning process. With this I am not saying that everything I have learned has been erased from my memory. It is curious but I feel that I see the world in a different way. With the knowledge that I absorbed during this months I believe that I am more conscious about the real meaning of the imagens and the powers of them. Artistic capitalism was the most interesting theme for me.

Moreover, the colonialisms are a theme that I have never paid attention to them because, as I said before, it is a thing that are not in my daily life. I know that it is an important topic that we have to know about it. For this reason, I noticed that there are some aspects that you can be interested in but you just do not know about it. It is not how we look it, it is how we do it.

What I show to others what I have learned

I spent my time preparing my notes about the subject because I know that I will revise it because are a useful content to remember. Moreover, we made a DIY where my group and I show the process that we followed in order to present our project at the end of the subject. It is so pleasant to see the whole process by a visual way. I mean, we are used to prefer to see perceptual images.

By: Maria Cortés

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.