This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Pedagogy Degree  context, most specifically, in  Teaching and Learning in a Digital Society Subject.


This resource has been created for Teaching and Learning in a Digital Society, subject from the Pedagogics degree of the University of Barcelona, and as a result of an inner self meditation about the importance of a strong self esteem when it comes the time of interacting with an own environment in a respectful and enjoyable way.

In order to make of this personal reflexion an explicit idea, I decided to express myself in an enjoyable way where I would feel both safe and happy, no-matter who would judge it. That is, of course, also the result of the idea that emerges from my thoughts around the social acceptance and rejection in social encounters where, I personally think, everyone should be able to express and behave as they feel they want to, as long as the own personal environment remains respected.

Therefore, I composed a song and edited a stop-motion clip where I tried to express as good as I could the idea that had been sorrounding my thoughts, while I could also learn how to edit a musical clip for a first time and actually do it. Its main object, in the first place, is to show the viewer a situation that may happen to anyone, at any time, in either of both directions: me, you or them, being rejected or rejecting someone for just the usual feeling of insecurity or not-belonging. Secondly, the shock that this fact produces to the own inner-self and the search of a desired social self that may be needed in order to reach a selfstate where me, you or them may feel safe again just to express an own self in a respectful and enjoyable way.

However, is this new-self a result of an inner meditation by itself or a social procedure based on the social experience? Is the just-created-self original and peculiar or is it the reproduction of what one has been experiencing all along his life?

Although one may think that behaves responding at his own personal desires, social pressure and the incisions that the own social environment has been making on him, may lead to a previously collectively designed self that seems a “selformulation” while it’s just a “socialformultaion”.

By: Albert Miquel Serrat

Video: SELFormulation

PDF: SELFormulation