This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


What have we done?

The images either a picture, text, video, visual elements have become a powerful tool in society forming the image market, giving new meanings or empowering concepts is a double-edged sword, which It is and what it really is, is not the same.

Thanks to this course I could expand my mind and think about what is really trying to say the visual elements that surround us as advertisements, commercials, marketing.

We try to say, realize that unwittingly easily I fall in their nets and i will fall more times, but I like to know at least inside that game and decide for me if i want to play or not.

The talks in class, lectures, sharing of ideas, reflections and thoughts has been very satisfactory, has helped to me to voluntarily or involuntarily other ways of thinking and abled expanding my mind.

When performing group work we wanted to do an introspective exercise doing a autoethnography to know that we had been choosing the question, in my case, “ You can not wish nothing ”.

Following the point we deepened: asexuality, the figure of the cyborg, diseases like autism or asperger, obsessive disorders, consumerism, art find the current nihilism that was the concept of nothing, these let us try topics topics so far had not even thinked about them or we were not aware directly.

When do my DIY I have tried to create an element of short duration which synthesize ideas, concepts and key images that include the topics covered in the process of research in the way of clearly visual concise and direct, addition to looking for give an approach personal.

How we did it?

They managed to create a working fluid dynamics both the classroom and on the group project, to learn and draw on the knowledge and interest of others was crucial for further in progress which make it possible to reach very interesting research and works also corporately and Individual teaching but very very personal.

Why We Have Done In This Way?

In class and research the interest of all to learn, to be participants of a new form of education where you are given freedom to the mind making the student interest.

A interest led us to grow and be part of a learning experience. It was be not only go to class or take a practical part, I have been able to know people that know me and become part of a learning experience, not a process to reach only a mark.

By: Bárbara Claudel

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course? Which questions it put to me? What I show to others? What I have learned?