This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


This school year, on the subject named Visualitats Contemporànies we have worked about artistic capitalism and desire. Visualitats contemporànies is different to the other subjects because the teacher uses an unusual system to teach. I think that the objective of the teacher is to make us more ready to live. Maybe he wants to give us some tools and later we become aware of the daily tricks.

We saw different videos in class and later we thought about the conceal messages. Other times, we talked about books, texts and philosophers. One day, we did a different class and the students ask few questions about desire. After that, the students and the teacher thought that the best way to deal with this concepts was in small groups, so I began to work with the question speak about our wishes, and what is about our wishes for the other people?

I have worked with six girls. Some of us didn’t meet before this class, so we have two labours, answer the question and meet us better. First of all, each one of us told something about her. After that, we spoke about Finally, we have decided to interview some people and ourselves.

I have learnt that publicity manipulate our emotions to sell this products. The spots shows us an ideal style of live. It creates an imaginary to us, but this isn’t the reality of life. Usually, we see the things that the other people like publicists want to show us. Also I learn a lot of things about our desires. For example, I think that people desires are connected, and sometimes these are manipulate or create by publicity or other ways. The desires are good if you know have power over these, because desire is a way to live. Now I have more analytic tools and I am not easily influenced.

I show to others what I have learned with the DIY, but this is difficult because the subjects are so complicated and I need to speak with someone face to face for explain the concepts better.

By: Anna Amergol


Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.