This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


a)What I think I have learnt through this course.

b)Which questions it put to me.

c)What I show to others.

a)In this subject, called ‘’visualitats contemporànies’’ i’ve learnt a lot of new things which I had never thought about, and this has made me change my way of thinking.

First of all, I’ve discovered how the capitalism affects the art. It is, right now, just a consumer product, it is a way that capitalism uses to attract people, to touch their sensitivity. Art is related to consumption and profit, it is not addressed to religion or political actions anymore, it is just done for business. Economy and aesthetics have become an hybrid, and the artistic capitalism mixes art and industry, business and fun, fashion and communication.

I have also learnt what the word ‘’colonización’’ means. I had never listened this word before, but I could figure out the meaning. This happens when you’re being forced to do something they want you to do, but maybe you don’t realise you’re being forced (by ‘’they’’ I mean the society that has the power). Artistic capitalism dictates to artists what they have to do, but the artist doesn’t know that what he or she is doing and producing is just the result of a society ruled by artistic capitalism.

Then, we learnt a lot about desire. By doing a group Project, we tried to find out what desire is, how it is produced, how society takes profit from our desires and how it makes us desire what it offers to us. Personally, this project was such a challenge. Everything related to desire is so difficult to decode that it makes you think about a lot of questions that don’t lead anywhere or maybe they lead you to the same point you were when you started. It’s like talking about desire doesn’t have an ending, you can always expand yourself and your opinions and you never get to a conclusion, or maybe you do but you can still continue talking about it because it reminds you about any other subject which is directly related to desire.

Finally, I’ve also learnt something really important for society: I learnt a new way to educate, to teach students. We broke with the common way of teaching: there was no teacher for the last weeks of class ( well, there was, physically, but he didn’t act like a teacher ). There was no difference between teacher and students. We just were people talking to each other about a specific subject, and that’s all. That makes you feel more comfortable with yourself. You learn that opinions are not good or bad, they are just opinions and everyone has their own ones, even though they’re different to yours, but it doesn’t mean you are wrong or they are wrong, they are just opinions, and all of them have to be respected. By this kind of exercise, you also realise how society gets into your mind and makes you think the way you do.

b)During the course, a lot of questions have been running into my mind, specially when talking about desire, but let’s start by the beginning.

When I found out about artistic capitalism, the first feeling I got was like this society sucks, but after a lot of weeks talking about it, I got to another question which I still haven’t got the answer. So, the question is ‘’What’s the point of talking about how bad the capitalism has affected the art? What am I supposed to do now? I’ll finish university and I will always remind myself ‘’I am doing this because society wants’’, in fact, I am in university because society wants me to be there. So, Why do I keep worrying about this? Am I going to change this fact? No, I am not. Maybe the answer is to stay inside you bubble of happiness and ignorance and let life pass while you do what your society wants you to do. Maybe one day it is possible to move to another planet so we will be able to change this, but, meanwhile, what’s the point of worrying about this questions when you can’t find a solution?

Then, when we started talking about desire, a lot of questions also appeared in my mind. Why do we wish? Why do I have determined desires? Are my desires a product of society? Is there a difference between desire and necessity? Do I really satisfy my desires? Why do we have material wishes when we know that happiness is not the result of having a lot of things?

c)It’s difficult to explain to others what I have learnt this lasts four months, but i always try to do it using videos, for example the ones we have seen in class, specially the conference of that young boy about hacking education. People don’t always understand what I mean or maybe I don’t find the correct words to express myself.


By: Claudia Sánchez

Video: What I think I have learnt through this course. Which questions it put to me. What I show to others what I have learned.