This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.



The course, as I think, didn’t have the classic structure: the pupils listened and only the teacher developed the agenda. Maybe the first classes seemed the traditional system but, in my opinion, while the course was developing the ambient changed and the class became a dialog between the questions that the professor presents and the student’s opinion.

The course was divided in two parts: At the beginning we talk about artistic capitalism and colonialism. We discussed about this reality, what can we do to become aware of it, and if we could make actions to visivilitzar this society system. Personally, I realized I’m immersed in an avalanche of images and the relationship I have with them is conditioned by the context and the social system but, frequently, I am not aware that I am part of it.

I used this subject to learn and become conscious of the mechanisms which surround me. Also it has let me visualize the systems that has built me as a person and, maybe, thought about the positioning I can get from this knowledge.

Later, we started the second part of the course where we wanted to search answers, but specially, to open questions about desire. We realized there is a usual concept, but we unknown a lot of things and even the relationship we have with them. We divided the class in groups, because we wanted work with the different concrete facets about desire. The sum of all points of view could lead us to a better definition of the concept.

My group worked about the question: “Are we free to desire?”. At the beginning we found it difficult to start talking and searching a way to work together. Firstly, we decided to have in mind some philosophers who talked about desire and freedom. We organized this information in “Prezi”, after that, we asked ourselves about our rolls and relationships with desire, what do we want? What conditioned it?

Finally, in order to create a priority we created a project which reflected the dialogues in the group and developed a “mail art project” that involves our trajectory and where ours points of view could interact.

I think the first theoretical classes were very important because we talked about some aspects related to art and society system, which until the moment where hide. Also it had been interesting the desire project; because we didn’t only work with the concept we also had the opportunity to do it in group. The experience was positive because we had to learn listening, reaching agreements and growing up slowly together.

By: Núria Mallofré