This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


My name is Mar Revés and I’m currently studying a degree of Fine Arts at the University of Bar- celona. During the last semester, we took a subject called Contemporary Visualities, in which we’ve learned reading all kind of images (like TV ads, films, etc.) to study how the capitalist market work, with which dispositive they do that and how we handle all this such a artists.

Later, we focus the subject in one concept, and what it really takes relevance it’s the way we tried to learn: an alternative way in which all the members of the class, included the teacher, built the direction of a project. It shocks and disquiets me because it means that we haven’t one direction, we have as many as we want and it probably means that we felt lost. And yes I felt lost, I don’t know anyone and we had to make little groups and built something without limits.

Our project presents a question about the importance of images in the construction of desire, and I’m not sure at all of have answered the question but the result surprised me because we finally make an experiment with ourselves, without the intention.

For my experience in this career, I know that these kinds of projects are so much interesting but if you don’t feel good it can be a headache and I wasn’t sure of being good enough doing this.

If I’m honest, the classes that I’d enjoy most were the first ones: where the teacher shows us new perspectives and concepts and then we were so thirsty of more and then we discuss all that items. In my opinion, this way of working doesn’t go on if you aren’t so interested and clever, because your limit it’s yourself and of course, your team. It was motivating at first but at the end, it doesn’t. I finish that subject with good vibrations because I feel more unsleeping, conscious and responsible about my decisions. It was like a cold shower and I’m happy for that but I feel that it could be more interesting and productive with more work patterns.

By: Mar Revés


Video: What I think I have learnt through this course? Which questions it put to me? What I show to others? What I have learned?