This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


This visual digital object give account of my transit through the subject Contemporary Visual Arts.  I started with some concepts in my mind such as the aestheticized society, postmodernism, oppression and desire. After that, I wondered how it affected us directly and did a search in internet collecting information related with desire and its own reason for existing.

The inquiry allowed me to generate the image search that generated a very questionable visual culture. I combined the images collected with literature from Butler and Foucault about the concept of device in relations of power and ways of being. In this way, I decided to talk to Antonio Centeno, one of the directors of the film “yes, we fuck” and add some other voices in my research.

Finally I learnt that learning to look gives you the choice of individual’s right to decide everything that directly affects you. That is, learn to look with the wound of knowledge is learning to identify, position yourself, to be aware of your relationship with environment and the other.

By: Ariadna Arias

Video: DIYLab