This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts Degree  context, most specifically, in Contemporary Visual Arts  Subject.


What I think I have learnt through this course.

I have acquired a more deep knowledge into social constructivism and intothe tools to see, analyze and meditate it. I have also experienced a very powerful example as is the understanding of gender and sex are constructed and used to control us in a certain way.

Which questions it put to me.

The questions I have considered are a lot but the main ones are: What is the specific purposes of this constructivism and its biopower? And more specifically for the identity, artist, gender, sex and desire. The other ones are more related to queer theory: Why I need to classify by gender continuously? How it could harm some people? How far am I limited with the heteronormativity?

What I can do with what I have learned.

I’m going to trigger debates regarding the topics analyzed and I’m going to focus one way of my art in the same direction to criticize/prove discussed subjects. And of course I shall endeavor into maintain “wide eyes” to not fall into that constructions of the society/regime without dispute.


By: Emilio Codina

VDO: My path through Psychology of Art and Gender Studies