This digital object has been developed from the University of Barcelona Pedagogy Degree context, most specifically, in Environments, processes and technological  resources of learning Subject.



We are a group formed by 4 members of Pedagogy, from Barcelona University. Between all of us we have done an On-line platform for the formation of a specific group, prostitutes who have decided to spend their time in this formation, leaving their old lives. This virtual platform have two different formations, a basic formation to pass the exam to medium grade. On campus they can find all the information and content necessary to pass it, in addition, they have the help of specialists. They will support them to make this process easier and more personalized. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to communicate with others and exchange opinions and ideas.

In contrast, the second training is about trade, administration and energy efficiency, it aims to generate basic knowledge so that the users know what they will find in these kind of jobs. These formations, a vocational education and training, differ from the first, medium grade, because they are mainly practical.

Therefore, there are practical cases where they could be in, and she could determine if it is a job that interests them.

Our tutors, they give us a virtual campus, where we have introduced the documents with all the contents and basically, we have structured the campus in order to facilitate its use for users, many of them without experience in on-line platforms. On campus there are examples to help them to orient themselves and move around the virtual platform.

Each formation is posed differently, training middle level consists of: a forum for sharing information, space for doubts and questions, a folder with all the documents, a task to hang activities and resources folder. It is made visually and schematic to make it convenient and easy. Also, we find written notes of encouragement and general explanations to use the forum.

Furthermore, training in administration and finance, commerce and energy sufficiency, also have basic knowledge on the virtual platform and practical activities, so at first glance may seem confusing because it has a lot of information. However, the structure is made by thematic areas, activities for distribution areas and finally a final activity with three case studies. It’s supposed that people who try to do this kind of formation have done the previous formation of middle grade and have basic knowledge about the campus. Indeed, the complexity of this areas shouldn’t be a problem to use the campus.

Being an online training has a clear objective to reach more women who need help with their studies, a career guidance to leave their lives behind and join into the workplace.

Video: Prostitutes in EDUc-Action